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If you’re struggling to find the right career for you, we can help you find your direction and discover your passion.

Whether you are trying to identify the right career for you, thinking of changing your career direction or develop your job seeking skills, Cestol’s innovative Career Planning and Development tools help students, graduates and young people in the early stages of their careers get to where they want to be.

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Who We Are

Cestol is a leading online platform that helps individuals and organizations to reach their goals by providing them with exclusive career-related content to learn from and help them fulfill their potential.

What We Do

At Cestol, we let our users decide what they want to learn from our vast content library. Whether finding the career path to take, seeking career advice, coaching, or course notes, Cestol got you covered.

Our Mission

Cestol's mission is to be the ultimate solution to all your career planning requirements by providing you with content that guarantees to help you kick-start and take control of your career destiny.


Career Path


Featured: Career Planning

Our professional coaches and advisors will help you reach your career goals

Our team of experienced career experts, coaches and advisers have an in-depth understanding of the modern job market and will work with you as you:

  • learn about your individual strengths and preferences. Working with our professional career coaches and advisors, you will develop a clear understanding of what drives and motivates you.
  • find careers options suited to you. Armed with the information on your drivers and motivators our career coaches and advisers will help you identify and explore the types of careers that will fulfill your needs and help you choose the right one for you.
  • gain skills for securing employment. Knowing what to say in a job interview, how to write a resume or knowing how to leverage your networks to get a job is not easy. Our team of experts will acquaint you with the skills you need to prepare yourself for meeting potential employers and successfully competing in the modern job market.
  • develop a solid career plan. A carefully developed flexible career mapping plan will help you maintain your focus and reach your full career potential.
  • make the transition into a new career. Expert advice from our career coaches and advisors will help you make a flawless transition from education into employment.

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Featured Testimonials

Testimonial - Christie

"Since the start of the year my startup has been relying on Cestol for all our digital learning & development needs. It has been a fulfilling journey!"

~ Christie Nabula, Marketing Executive

Testimonial - Nick

"I found exactly what I needed at Cestol and their membership rates are super competitive. I have never looked back since."

~ Nick Kasina, IT Specialist

Testimonial - Lisa

"The platform allows me to explore and advance my personal and professional knowledge base flawlessly! I would highly recommend."

~ Lisa Maya, Business Analyst

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